Lipbalm/Lipstick Cozy for Valentines 2007

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Here's my valentine's project for 2007.
It's a lipbalm/lipstick cozy and I found the tutorial here in a forum thread at

  • I used a 4" x 14 ½" swatch of fabric. This differs slightly from the 4 ½ x 14 ½" suggested in the tutorial. I don't remember what caused the difference, perhaps seam allowance or D ring size. Be careful with directional fabric. I originally had the heart pattern going in the other direction but that resulted in some hearts pointing up and some pointing down so I decided on side to side.

  • I used 1¼" D-rings

  • I used size 1 sew-on snaps (I tried a batch of no-sew snaps but just couldn't get them to attach well while working with the tight space)

  • My seam allowance was approximately 3/16"

  • There are a few minor sewing adjustments I made. 1) After sewing the swatch and before turning the tube I pressed the seam in the middle and stitched across one end. 2)The dimensions of my cozy didn't make folding it up evenly work well. I folded up one end by 3½" and the other end 3" (leaving an open area of approximately 1½") between them.
  • *K2, P2 *across, K1

    Monday, February 12, 2007
    I was given a scarf that has a knit pattern I really like and I've been intending to "pick the pattern". I just never got around to it. A friend has returned to knitting and she was given an easy scarf pattern by the local yarn shop. The pattern is a multiple of 4 +1 and then *K2, P2, repeat from * across and K1 at the end of the row. Repeat row. What do you get? MY PATTERN!!!

    It's another skinny scarf for my daughter. Here are the details:

  • #8 needles
  • 17 stitches
  • Width = 3 1/2"
  • TLC Amore - Red Velvet.