Public and Installation Art

This is a listing of art installations where I contributed
a knitted or crocheted object to the exhibit.

Keep Calm - 2015
I yarn bombed one of the fashion design studios at Framingham State University.

Timeline - 2013
A conceptual knit design which recorded the results of Boston's professional sports teams during the 2012-2013 school year. It was displayed on the Framingham State University campus in September 2013.

Ladynthread blog post: Timeline - A Conceptual Knit
Ladynthread blog post: Yarn Graffiti at Framingham State University

The Perovskite Project - 2013
This project built a giant model of the Perovskite crystal structure using knitting and crochet.

Website: About The Perovskite Project
Ladynthread blog post: The Perovskite Project

Who Am I? gallery at London Science Museum - 2010
Stitch London teamed up with London's Science Museum to create a Stitch Yourself exhibit for the re-opening of their Who Am I? gallery.

This Knitted Life - 2012
This piece also appeared in a video produced by the Crafts Council.

Video: This Knitted Life (appears at 5:53)
Website: Stitch Yourself: For One Night Only
Ladynthread blog post: Mini-me & The New Adventure of Mini-me.

Nike Blanket Petition - 2006
The Nike Banket Petition was a microRevolt project with each square of the blanket acting as a signature for fair labor policies for Nike garment workers.

Website: microRevolt - Nike Blanket Petition

Red Sweaters - 2005
Red Sweaters was an art installation to spread public awareness, encourage thought, and inspire discussions about the war in Iraq. Each sweater represented a US solder killed in Iraq.

Ladynthread blog post: Red Sweater