Friendship Quilt

Friday, May 11, 2007
I love family/friend/album quilts! This one was done for our daughter Rebecca by her husband for her 31st birthday. David did a square with limericks he had written about boys. Sarah did a monster square and Laura's is a saying that she and a friend came up with (which I LOVE and wear on a t-shirt!) I did, what else ..... hearts?! I used the Little Granny Square Heart. I DID find a project for it!

Pineapple Fan

It's not often I get a request from my Mom to crochet something. A few months ago she requested a chair back and arms cover set and hoped I had the book with the pattern that her mother frequently used. I did have the pattern! it's in the book New and Old Favorites - Book No. 205 - Copyright 1944 The Spool Cotton Company.

The pattern called for size 30 thread but I used size 20 and my gauge came out about right. I used 1½ balls (approx. 600 yds total) of J.& P. Coats Royale #20 Natural and a size 8 hook. It's the first time in a very long time that I've needed to block any of my work and I had to search the internet for a refresher course. Here are the two sites I referenced: How To Spray Block Crocheted or Knitted Squares and How to Block Thread Work

I love vintage crochet thread patterns. My mom recently gave me a tablecloth my grandmother made for her and I remember it being used at many family dinners. I have to do some conservation work on it and I'm hoping I can find the pattern grandma used. Details of that project to follow.

NASCAR Bracelets

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I'm here! I'm here! It may not look like it from my blogging but I am around and crafting. I like to make stuff more than I like to journal it so I have a backlog of finished projects to show you and I promise to work on it this month before the summer lazies hit.

Resistance was futile. I am now a NASCAR fan. In March my sister and I met in Las Vegas to hang out and go to the races (my sister is the one who assimilated me.) She's a Jeff Burton fan and told me that if we went to the races I had to "pick a guy" to root for so I picked Jeff Gordon. Of course, that meant I had to design and crochet bracelets.


Here's me working my Jeff Gordon bracelet:

Here's my sis wearing her Jeff Burton bracelet: