2 Skeins of Unforgettable & How Long to Make a Cowl

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Unforgettable by Red Heart is an acrylic roving yarn and it's very soft. The colors, the Tidal colorway in particiular, are so gorgeous that I bought two skeins to play with and make things.

The color runs in Unforgettable worked exceptionally well for this entrelec sample.

But I like it even better in this crocheted cowl.

Ravelry Project Page - Cowl

A while ago I researched and blogged about How Long to Make a Scarf and I needed to do it again for a cowl.

How Long to Make a Cowl:

  • A short cowl has a circumference (the distance around) of about 22".
  • A long cowl measures around 44" in circumference.
  • An extra long cowl has a 60" or longer circumference.

    The width of a cowl can vary from 7.5" to 12". The the cowl's length, the drape of the fabric and personal preference influences this measurement.

  • It didn't take much yardage to also make this jumpsuit for a Baby Whimsey Doll from Playful Little Knits - costumes and clothes for simple sewn doll by Rachel Manring.

    And I STILL have yarn left over!