Wedding Heart - Pattern

Thursday, September 08, 2016

This heart has an updated and modern look.

Wedding Heart

Knit Picks Palette - approximately 10 yards
Size B crochet hook
Tapestry needle for finishing

Gauge is not important for this project. Using the listed materials, my hearts measured approximately 2.5" x 2.5" but just about any size heart can be achieved by adjusting the yarn and hook size.

Stitch Explanation
  • sc = single crochet
  • dec = decrease
  • Regular dec = (insert hook through both legs of the next stitch, yo and draw the yarn through the stitch) twice, yo, and draw yarn through all 3 loops on the hook.
  • Work even = single crochet in each stitch around.


    1. There are two crochet techniques needed to make this heart look its best - the magic circle and the invisible decrease.

  • My favorite tutorial for the magic circle:
  • My favorite tutorial for the invisible decrease:

    2. All work is done in a spiral. Do not end rounds by joining with a slip stitch.

    3. Fasten down the beginning threads of the humps by working over them when you begin. You can leave the tails to help with the stuffing or trim them.

    Heart Humps - Make 2
    Round 1 - Work 4 sc's into a magic circle. Mark first sc as beginning of round. (4)
    Round 2 - 2 sc in each sc around. (8)
    Round 3 - (Sc in next st , 2 sc in next st) repeat around. (12)
    Round 4 - (Sc in next 5 sts, 2 sc in next st) repeat around. (14)
    Round 5 - Work even.
    Round 6 - Work even.
    Round 7 - Work even.
    Fasten off after finishing first hump (leave a long tail which will be used to close the heart). Do not fasten off the second hump and continue working:

    Heart Body
    Round 8 - Join the second hump to the first by single crocheting in each of the 14 sts of the first hump (begin where you fastened off) and then single crochet in each stitch of the second hump. You now have 28 stitches in one round to begin the heart body. There will be a gap in the middle, between the two humps, which is where the heart will be stuffed.
    Round 9 - Work even. (28)
    Round 10 - (Sc in next 5 sts, invisible dec) repeat around. (24)
    Round 11 - (Sc in next 4 sts, invisible dec) repeat around. (20)
    Round 12 - (Sc in next 3 sts, invisible dec) repeat around. (16)
    Round 13 - (Sc in next 2 sts, invisible dec) repeat around. (12)
    Round 14 - (Sc in next st, invisible dec) repeat around. (8)
    Round 15 - (Sc in next 2 sts,invisible dec) repeat around. (6)
    Round 16 - (Regular dec) repeat around. (3)

    Fasten off. Stuff heart. Close hole and weave in ends.

    Photo credit:ARBR Pictures

  • Wedding Heart

    Photo credit:ARBR Pictures

    The final component for the wedding amigurumi was a heart. Not only is the heart a natural symbol to include for a wedding but they are my signature crafting motif.

    Sarah wanted an updated and modern look for the heart by elongating the humps of the heart to create a deeper V. I studied and made samples of hearts from published patterns but nothing produced the look that Sarah wanted or met my exacting demands for a polished look. Finally, I wound up writing my own pattern and perfected the assembly so well that I made over 100 of them and they became the wedding favors!

    I've written out the Wedding Heart pattern to share and you can find it on Ravelry. Also on Ravelry is the project page with all the details for these wedding heart favors.

      Ravelry Pattern Page - Wedding Hearts
      Ravelry Project Page - Sarah's Wedding Hearts

    Photo credit:ARBR Pictures

    Sarah's father wrote a limerick inviting the guests to take one home for a souvenir.

    Though we're saddened that soon we must part,
    We can offer a small work of art.
    Please select from the heap,
    A memento, to keep,
    Of our friendship. So, gladly, take heart.

    One heart was for the wedding cake.

    Photo credit:ARBR Pictures

    They are perfectly sized for babies

    and cats!