Rambling Rose

Saturday, January 27, 2007
My grandmother did exquisite crochet. I didn't learn how to crochet from her but I learned what quality work looked like. Every summer during vacation Grandma would make a trip to the local five-and-dime store and purchase three items: a crochet hook, thread and a pattern book. As the crocheter of the family I inherited these vintage crochet books and they are a special part of my pattern collection.

I have several pieces of her work and one of my favorites is a pair of pillow cases. The pattern is called Rambling Rose and is in the pattern book Pillow Cases Decorative Crochet - Book No. 264 - Copyright 1950 The Spool Cotton Company.

Skinny Scarf - Boucle

Friday, January 19, 2007
This is a knitted cousin to the Skinny Scarf - Homespun

Bernat Boucle
Size 10 1/2 needles
12 stitches
k1, p1 pattern
3" wide
Approximately 84" long.

My daughter likes her scarves long and skinny. This pattern and yarn can be adapted to any width or length with ease.

Very soft and warm!

Spoon Angels

I love these little Spoon Angels. You make them with the wooden spoons you get with Italian Ices or Ice Cream cups. I made a number of them for a holiday exchange group and they work up surprisingly quick.

This pattern was available on freepatterns.com but I when I went to track down the link for it, I couldn't find it.

When you find a pattern you like on the web and think you might like to do it sometime -- don't bookmark it, save it to a file.

Patterns have a disconcerting habit of disappearing from the web. If you get that dreaded "404 - File Not Found" error then try The Wayback Machine. Pictures are frequently missing but text of the pattern can often be found.

Update 6/13/2014: I found the pattern!

Checkered Flag Afghan

Oh my, that's way too long between posts! The holidays got in the way of my postings but still ......

Here's the checkered flag afghan for my sis.

1) The pattern I used for the squares is: Pumpkin Patch Square.
2) I used an I hook and each square is 8"
3) 24 white & 24 black squares
4) (4) 8oz skeins - Red Heart Super Saver - white
    (4) 8oz skeins - Red Heart Super Saver - black
    --I had a fair amount left but it took 4 skeins of each color.
5) I single crocheted a border around the afghan matching the squares (more ends, I know, but it needed that for a finished look.)

The problem:
The cat believes it was a gift for him! The name of the cat? Pitstop