Harry Potter Scarves

Thursday, December 15, 2005
Crocheting will always be my first passion but I've fallen in love again with knitting. It started when I found a pattern to make a Hogwarts scarf for my granddaughter. Simple enough, but I don't like seams; so a decision to knit the scarf in the round sent me searching the internet for a brush up lesson. The result was a golden site find at KnittingHelp.com. They have incredible video instructions for many methods and areas of knitting. Not only did I brush up my circular knitting technique but I learned how to knit the Continental way. This method is at least twice as fast for me to work and much easier on my wrist than the English way. When I'm done with my scarf I'm looking forward to finding another knitting project!

Best site for Harry Potter scarf information and free pattern:


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