Checkered Flag Afghan

Friday, January 19, 2007
Oh my, that's way too long between posts! The holidays got in the way of my postings but still ......

Here's the checkered flag afghan for my sis.

1) The pattern I used for the squares is: Pumpkin Patch Square.
2) I used an I hook and each square is 8"
3) 24 white & 24 black squares
4) (4) 8oz skeins - Red Heart Super Saver - white
    (4) 8oz skeins - Red Heart Super Saver - black
    --I had a fair amount left but it took 4 skeins of each color.
5) I single crocheted a border around the afghan matching the squares (more ends, I know, but it needed that for a finished look.)

The problem:
The cat believes it was a gift for him! The name of the cat? Pitstop


Perry said...

The afghan is lovely, and really reminiscent of the checkered flag... but I think Pitstop is prettier. :)


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