Simple Shrug

Thursday, June 07, 2007
This is about the trials and tribulations of "simple".

  • First, I couldn't get the gauge right so I ran out of yarn and it took A. C. Moore more than six months to get it back in stock. I had almost given up and was going to order online (and pay shipping, which I hate to do).

  • Second, The pattern is worked in stockinette stitch so I worked increases every 4th row instead of every 5th row (how do you increase on a purl row???) This probably contributed to my yarn shortage as well.

    Update 6/14/2014: I have since learned how to knit the purl front and back increase.

  • Third, using smaller needles for the collar/border around the shrug produced an uncomfortably tight fit. I frogged, bumped up to the same size needle that the body was knit with and added a half dozen more stitches and it fit much more comfortably.

    The pattern was on the wrapper of the yarn (Caron Simply Soft Shadows - Pearl Frost) and can also be found online here.

    My shrug is nice, warm, soft, comfortable and the right size (the sleeves are longer than normal but I like that) - I love it now - however, the pattern is flawed (fixable but flawed none-the-less) and between the yarn shortage and reworks it took almost a year to complete.

    My Ravelry project page - Simple Shrug


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