Thousand Ends Lapghan

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I love to challenge myself but sometimes I have brain farts and wind up being appallingly stupid. This lapghan was meant to be a nice way to use up scrap yarn. Instead, it was tedious and boring and ended up surpassing the Endless Ends Afghan for the number of ends that needed to be woven in.

The afghan is a combination of yo-yo's and Priscilla Hewitt's flat braid joining. It's cute, I love it and I'm going to keep it for myself but when am I going to learn??

  • There are 389 yo-yo's (made from scrap yarn)
  • Joined together with Red Heart Super Saver Aran Fleck using the flat brain join.
  • The border is a row of three single crochets in each of the unattached loops around the edge.
  • The afghan measures 44" x 35"
  • There were 1558 ends. 778 (389*2) for each yo-yo + 778 (389*2) for each flat braid join + 2 ends for the border = 1558.

  • My Ravelry project page for Thousand Ends Lapghan.

    I really can't complain too much about this afghan because it did inspire the design of the adorable Romi-Yo!


    Grace Tyler said...

    Maybe I won't try it. LOL I thought it was so cute, but the name of it "thousand ends" kind of set off alarm bells. LOL

    Amy said...

    It's very cute, and you are just too funny.

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