A Skein of Silk Garden Sock by Noro

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A while ago, I picked up a skein of Silk Garden Sock (color #268 - Green, Aqua, Brown) by Noro at The Black Sheep Knitting Co. in Needham, Massachusetts. At the time, I was knitting a lot of socks and I bought the yarn with the intention of making a pair from this skein. However, this stuff is pretty scratchy (I suspect it's the 10% mohair!) and I decided that I was never going to wear or gift a pair of socks knit from it. So I went in search of a free one skein pattern and found the Loopy Lace Scarf.

The pattern is a reversible lace honeycomb rib scarf with a keyhole. I'm not sure why this pattern was written with a pull-through on both ends but I worked only the first one and then knit until the scarf's total length was 36". The yarn is too itchy to put against bare skin so I only use it with a turtleneck but at least I can wear it.

There was enough yarn left over to make this cute Pinwheel Purse. It's based on an origami design that opens up when you pull the top apart and then snaps back closed when you let it go. It's a perfect project to carry around because of the small amounts of yarn used. I'm saving it to use as a gift "box" for just the right present or possibly a knitting or craft exchange. I'll be making more of these.


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