The New Adventure of Mini-Me

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Mini-Me makes an appearance in the This Knitted Life video!

Remember Mini-Me? A few years ago I participated in the Stitched Selves exhibit for the London Science Museum. The exhibit was coordinated and produced by the knitting group Stitch London and additional adventures were promised. Last summer the Stitched Selves participated in Stitched Science and this summer they are featured in a video!

The video presents the stages of a knitting project, from "birth" to cast off, with artsy visual blasts of knitted objects and was produced by the Crafts Council to promote knitting.

Mini-Me appears at 5:53 for her two seconds of fame. You can email me for autograph requests ;)

This Knitted Life from Crafts Council on Vimeo.


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