Working with Vintage Patterns

Friday, March 13, 2015

Working with Vintage Patterns

1) The vintage patterns I post here are worked mostly thread and the thread weights used are the same standards today. However, anything that is not worked in thread will be using a yarn that is no longer manufactured. At Vintage Knits they have compiled an extensive listing of discontinued yarns, arranged by weight of yarn, by brand name, and if known, with fiber content and yardage. This information is a big help in finding a subsitute yarn to work with.

2) The patterns found at lady_n_thread are American but if you get your hands on a pattern that is British/Australian then you will need to use a stitch conversion chart.

3) Very early vintage patterns may have a different interpretation of stitches and the abbreviations of terms may also vary from today's. This site has collected the stitch instructions from a number of publications published in the early 1900's — Pre 1930 Crochet Stitch Instructions.


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