Repairing a "Blankie" -- My Stash Comes Through

Friday, July 29, 2016

A dear friend came to me and asked if I would repair the "blankie" of the grandchild of a friend of hers. She said it didn't need to be anything pretty -- "just close the hole and secure everything so the blanket could be used again".

Here's a picture of the damage:

And a close up:

I knew I could do better than whip stitching everything together. The hole looked big but it mainly involved only two rows of a fairly simple crochet pattern. Most of the yarn from the damaged area was still usable for the repair but I needed just a little bit more to complete the reconstruction. When I went to my stash -- wonder of wonders -- I found I had the exact yarn used in the blanket!

Except in the small area where the new yarn was used the repair is barely detectable.

Ready to be a blankie again!

This project was a nice exercise in picking out a crochet pattern and seamlessly repairing the damage.

However, now whenever I try to pare down my stash and get rid of yarn, I will remember this project and how an off-beat color of acrylic yarn was the PERFECT match to make a stellar repair of a blankie.

I'm doomed. My stash will only continue to grow and will never decrease.


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