Beaded Foot Sandal

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ahhh, it's almost summer. It's time to go get a pedicure (Mother's Day gift from a daughter) and start showing off the feet (these feet however, are my daughter's, not mine!) I love sandals and barefeet and this little project caught my eye right away as the best of both.

The pattern came from Beadwrangler and the only adjustments I made were: 1) I used the cheaper jewelry elastic from A.C. Moore instead of the Rainbow Elastic (I was able to make over 12 of these sandals from one cone) and 2) I used sc's down the front rather than the V formation of stitches used in the pattern. --That's just me and my taste though. I'm a straight line kinda gal.

Using black and white beads I also made a "Checkered Flag" one for my sister (Nascar Nut Fan) -- Love ya Sis ;)


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