While You Recover afghan

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

This pattern is from the book
Vanna's Favorite Gift Afghans

1) Instead of working 2 strands of worsted weight yarn together I worked one strand of Lion Brand Homespun (barrington) with one strand of TLC Amore (plum) -- Very soft.
2) I filled in the chain 1 spaces around the bobbles with a dc.

I like the afghan. It was quick to make and it's snuggly soft, but I had a lot of problems remembering to work a sc in the turning chain at the end of my rows. I did a lot of frogging on what is a very simple pattern. I'm pretty sure it was because of Homespun's texture and I was just not seeing it clearly enough --I have a love/hate relationship with Homespun that has yet to be resolved.

Homespun Love:
1) I love the texture and softness of the yarn.
2) Love the colors to choose from.

Homespun Hate:
1) The difficulty of working with the yarn. It's very hard to work the foundation chain of anything crocheted and when knitting the yarn grabs and pulls making it sometimes impossible to get off a clean stitch.
2) The quality control from the company. For a long time they had a problem with the glue from their wrappers ruining the last 5-15 yards of a skein. Now I've been encountering large sections of fuzzy unspun yarn. The company was good about replacing yarn when it had the glue problem but I don't really need more skeins of the color Baroque and this time I don't feel like bothering.


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