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Friday, May 11, 2007
It's not often I get a request from my Mom to crochet something. A few months ago she requested a chair back and arms cover set and hoped I had the book with the pattern that her mother frequently used. I did have the pattern! it's in the book New and Old Favorites - Book No. 205 - Copyright 1944 The Spool Cotton Company.

The pattern called for size 30 thread but I used size 20 and my gauge came out about right. I used 1½ balls (approx. 600 yds total) of J.& P. Coats Royale #20 Natural and a size 8 hook. It's the first time in a very long time that I've needed to block any of my work and I had to search the internet for a refresher course. Here are the two sites I referenced: How To Spray Block Crocheted or Knitted Squares and How to Block Thread Work

I love vintage crochet thread patterns. My mom recently gave me a tablecloth my grandmother made for her and I remember it being used at many family dinners. I have to do some conservation work on it and I'm hoping I can find the pattern grandma used. Details of that project to follow.


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