NASCAR Bracelets

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I'm here! I'm here! It may not look like it from my blogging but I am around and crafting. I like to make stuff more than I like to journal it so I have a backlog of finished projects to show you and I promise to work on it this month before the summer lazies hit.

Resistance was futile. I am now a NASCAR fan. In March my sister and I met in Las Vegas to hang out and go to the races (my sister is the one who assimilated me.) She's a Jeff Burton fan and told me that if we went to the races I had to "pick a guy" to root for so I picked Jeff Gordon. Of course, that meant I had to design and crochet bracelets.


Here's me working my Jeff Gordon bracelet:

Here's my sis wearing her Jeff Burton bracelet: