A Note to Myself

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I need to write down inspiration and details as they come to me, so I love taking notes. I make them all the time. My family knows I will stop in the middle of a shopping expedition to jot down the finer points of something I've seen (I carry a special notebook in my purse for just this purpose). When I'm working at my desk I have note cubes for that quick reminder or "to do". These usually get tossed once the note is not longer needed or transfered to a notebook for more permanent remembrance.

The kinds of things that get written down are:
  • Titles of books that I'm not going to buy but I want borrow from the library
  • A drawing of a garment that I'd like to "knock off" for myself
  • Phone #'s and addresses
  • Bridge hands so I can retell a story or work out a problem I didn't get right at the table
  • Notes from an article found in a waiting room magazine
  • Crochet or knitting design inspirations
  • Questions I want to find the answers to, for example: Do you put periods at the end of lists items or does the list item notation function as a period?
  • Anything I'm afraid I'll forget

I didn't know until yesterday that when you're buying a box of note cubes you need to pay attention to the little cutout on the box. THAT is what tells you how many pieces of paper there are in the cube -- NOT the size of the box!! The arrows on photo show the bottom of the window where the paper ends, the rest of the box is filler. Both boxes are the the same size but the one on the right held less paper than the one on the left and neither box listed how many sheets of paper it contained.

I buy note cubes mostly based on the design rather than how many sheets there are and I think that's why I'm irritated -- I liked the note paper than came from the box on the right and it ran out faster than I was expecting.

What's the point of this entry concerning crochet, knitting or crafting? Mostly, to express how important to my creative process note taking is but it is also a note to myself to check the cut out of a note cube the next time I purchase one.


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