Why I blog

Friday, November 09, 2007
I never had the chance to share my love of crochet with my grandmother. She died when I was 11 and that was well before my enthusiasm and passion for the craft emerged. I have a few things she crocheted and I admire the detail, fineness and perfection of her work. I also inherited her crochet books. Her work and the books are the only crocheting memory I have of her.

I wish she had written notes, made comments or kept a diary of her projects. I wish I knew what her favorite things to make were and the problems she had making them. I wish I had known her as a crocheter. So that is why I blog, because maybe someday a daughter, a granddaughter or great-granddaughter will find a passion for crochet or knitting and make a connection to me and my grandmother.

I'm not real keen on pictures of myself and I've finally gotten around to working out an "avatar". I've scanned a motif my grandmother crocheted called Crinoline Lady. It was originally done to decorate a corner on a woman's handkerchief. The pattern is in a book I inherited from her titled Crinoline Lady in Crochet - Book No. 262 - Copyright 1949 by The Spool Cotton Company. Since my user name is ladynthread it is a perfect match.


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