The 12 UFO projects of Christmas

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Like many crafters, I have plenty of projects that I've started and for one reason or another they haven't been completed. Knitters and crocheters have a term for these unfinished projects, they're called UFO's - UnFinished Objects. Let me start out by stating that this project, other than mostly occurring during the month of December, really has nothing to do with Christmas!

The top four reasons for my UFO's are:

1) I lost interest. Many times I'll start a project because it's "cute" or "I can make that!" but that sentiment or interest doesn't last through to the completion of the project. Sometimes I lose interest because it's a huge or repetitive project and I get sick of doing it. These projects are usually completed once my interest is piqued again.

2) I encountered a problem and need to figure out how to solve it. Sometimes this is because I have to learn a new technique but more frequently it's because I don't like the way the project is progressing and have to rework the pattern I'm following or rethink my own design. These projects are the most difficult to finish because I need to do research or wait for design inspiration.

3) I no longer like or want to do the project. Sometimes projects just don't look the way I think they will, sometimes they turn into a mess that I don't want to recover from and sometimes I can't remember what got me started on a project in the first place. Sometimes I look at an unfinished project and ask myself "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?". These projects just need to be ditched.

4) Finishing details. Garment hems, sanding and painting and blocking knits are examples of finishing details that can sideline a project. These projects are the easiest to complete but I have to be in the mood.

I currently have so many unfinished projects that they are taking up space and are distracting. So I've put a self imposed ban on starting any new projects until I've cleaned up some of the unfinished ones. At first I thought I would make the ban a timed event between Thanksgiving and the new year but in the spirit of the holidays and inspired by the song The 12 Days of Christmas. I've decided to make it the completion of 12 UFO projects OR the start of the new year - whichever comes first.

So here goes.

The 12 UFO projects of Christmas
Project #1 - Overdyed skein of yarn
Project #2 - Microwave Potato Bag
Project #3 - Été Chic
Project #4 - Web and Blog Updates
Project #5 - Sarubobo

That's it. I've actually done 12 projects but these are the only blog worthy ones. I'm off now to cast on a shawl for that overdyed skein of yarn!


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