Project #2 - Microwave Potato Bag (The 12 UFO projects of Christmas)

Thursday, December 05, 2013
This is the second project in The 12 UFO projects of Christmas. An explanation of what I'm doing and a list of all projects can be found here.

Project #2 - Microwave Potato Bag

Reason for UFO status: I started the project in a moment of interest but didn't finish.

I was making ironing board covers at work and had bought a bag of cotton batting for padding. On the package were the instructions for making a Microwave Potato Bag. My curiosity was piqued! So after I finished the ironing board covers I cut pieces from batting and scrap cotton fabric to make one. Then I set them aside and forgot about it.

The instructions for the Microwave Potato Bag are online at the Warm Company's web site in the Creative Corner section. The blog Distant Pickles has another good tutorial - You Say Potato, I Say Po-tah-to

Construction notes:
  • I used muslin for the inside of the bag and then quilted all three together with channel stitching 2" apart.
  • The two narrow ends were finished with matching yellow bias tape.
  • I deviated from the pattern and folded my bag to have a 3" flap at the top of the bag. The sides were stitched and then serged.
  • The finished size is 9½" x 11".

    Instructions for using Microwave Potato Bag:
  • Wash potatoes (do not poke holes).
  • Wrap in paper towel and put in bag.
  • Place bag in microwave with the flap facing down.
  • Bake on high, 4 to 6 minutes, depending on the number, the size of the potatoes and the power of the microwave.

    Final Thoughts: I have no idea yet how well the bag works at cooking potatoes but I love the end results. At the very least it would make a novel housewarming or hostess gift.

    Update: If there's a turntable in your microwave it's important that the bag rotate freely and not touch the walls. Mine was too big so I had to lop an inch and a half off the bottom. The size of my bag is now a square 9½" x 9½".


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